StickIT! Adhesive Valves
Best EZ V2
Cabrinha 2013 Airlock2 Replacement Valve

StickIT! Adhesive Valves

Valves for StickIT! bladders with oversized (78mm) TEAR-AID self-adhesive base. Tear-aid adhesive ensures permanent bond on varities of different bladders. This is the best option for replacing faulty original valves on bladders from all mayor brands.

Inflate valve (9mm non return)


Inflate/Deflate valve (9mm return)


7mm Inflate/Deflate valve (Return)


Inflate valve (9mm ball)


Deflate valve


F-One OnePump I


Slingshot OnePump


F-One OnePump L




BEST EZ V1 OnePump Valve


BEST EZ V2 OnePump Valve


BEST EZ V3 / North Lazy Pump I


BEST Twist Lock Valve


BEST Twist Lock LE Twist Cap


BEST Twist Lock LE Valve Plug


BEST Internal EZ (LE)


BEST Internal EZ (Strut)


North Single Inflation Non-Return


North Lazy Pump L


North 2 Pump


CABRINHA 2013 Airlock 2


CABRINHA 2013 Airlock 2 Valve Cap


Twist/Cabrinha Inflate/Deflate


Cabrinha OnePump


Naish Octopus (LE)


Naish Octopus (Strut)


Key Benefits

+ Extremely strong

+ Watertight

+ Airtight

+ High performance product, resistant to UV and humidity

+ High adhesion properties and vey elastic

+ Does not dry out

+ Ideal for repairing faulty or delaminated valves

+ Assures good workability

+ Excellent resistance to ageing

+ Heat resistant bond


90% immediate adhesive strenght
100% adhesive strenght after 1 hour



PU Glue Tube 7g

While TEAR-AID do not need any additional work or gluing we still advise to seal the edge of the valve base with our high quality PU glue If you're repairing faulty/delaminated valves on bad quality or heavily talced bladders.

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