Kite Lines

Extremely durable and custom made specially for Slingshot kites. More strength for the same line diametres!

All our lines are made in Germany from 100% Dyneema from LIROS, with unique heat stretch proccess, which ensures extremely low to none stretch and creep characteristics. Combined with advanced coating our lines ensures excelent abrasion resistance with less line wear, much more usage cycles, no tangles and the best performance in all conditions!

All flying lines are double pre-stretched prior finalization to ensure best flying characteristics.



Breaking strengths: 510kg / 1120lbs front lines, 310kg / 680lbs back lines

Dyneema type: SK75

Coloring: White fronts / white backs

Loop configuration: Same as original

About Us

We are family driven brand, we love everything connected with kiteboarding and this beautiful sport.

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Email: info (at) drtuba (dot) eu


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