Dr.Tuba Force Kite 2015 Dr.Tuba Force Kite 2015
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Force Kite 2015

I have been designing kites for more than a decade now. Starting on 3m & 5m double strutted kites back in early 2000, learning to sew on a small Toyota plastic fantastic sewing machine, giving me a lot of headaches when tearing the thread every few decimeters, then progressing to second hand old industrial machines.

Those times were a real fun! Looking how to spend extra funds for the "stupid things like some clothes or TPU" my girl said and not knowing what will came out at the end. Learning on trial and error basis. Making new bridles, testing and testing again. A great thing was that the whole family was involved, especially the kids. They watching me sewing the kites, trying to help me, wanting to help, all three kids. And then, when you set up the newly created kite and seeing that it actually flies - W.O.W. there is little words that can describe the feelings! :O


Maybe a little feeling on those good old times is described here in my open-source times, when Kite-stuff.org was "the site" to watch for all hobby kite builders. It shows my hobby designing work from early 2000 till 2010.


While not so "active" on hobby kite building scene anymore I've still designed some kites for myself and for few other brands. While running day to day tasks on our Dr.Tuba brand, we decided that it is time to upgrade our product line with something new, something that comes out from our ideas in the past and something we can identify with. So, new kite named FORCE was born! 

The Force is an incredibly versatile all-around performer, suitable for a wide range of riders and styles. Built around the latest Hybrid platform, the Force delivers consistency in all riding disciplines. The kite is smooth and predictable in the air with progressive power delivery on-demand. I've designed simple dynamic bridle, which has a very direct feel. Incredibly stable kite will allow you to focus more on those cool tricks you want to land. The ease of use is unbelievable, leaving even the most particular riders feeling right at home in no time. The kite is also light dute to only 2 struts, which is great for traveling. We sourced only the highest quality Dacron from Germany and Ripstop from Japan for the construction of the 2015 model. The kite is also well protected, to meet requirements riders wants for land and snow kitin. Sizes which will be available are 7m, 10m and 13m flat.

The plan behind the project is to make a small, limited serie of the kite. While not on sale yet, pre-orders can already be made. Since some of my open-source nature still exists I will be posting the development here in my Blog pages...

May the Force be with you! ;)


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