Force Kite 2015 Freeride Snowkite Force Kite 2015 Freeride Snowkite
Blog 14 March 2015

Snowkite Freeride

This video shows me freeriding on a sunny day. Clips were shot from a bit different angles.

I somewhere forgot the screw to secure GoPRO camera to the tripods, so I had to improvise a lot... But at the end shots came out nicely, shooting some clips from a bit different angles. Kite performed really nice in the lightwind conditions I had that day.

Conditions were light 5-12kts, kite used Force 2015 10m. Snow was still compact, despite of spring kicking in with higher temperatures. Now it's enough of snow, lets hit some water next time! ;)

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Last modified on 14 March 2015

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