Adhesive Kite Valves

drtuba kite valves ultra repair patch small

Valves for StickIT! bladders with oversized (78mm) self-adhesive base. We moved from Tear-aid to our new ULTRA adhesive. This ensures permanent bond on many different bladders and additional re-positioning the patch in early, cruicial stages of installation. This is the best option for replacing faulty original valves on bladders from all mayor brands. All valves are HF welded on the patch and not glued, which delivers the best possible and equal bond of the valves.



We prepared how to videos to ease the aplication of our replacement valves. Pls note that, when repairing the bladders, you always get familiar with the repair and have prepared all the tools needed for it before you are starting it!


Valve Repair - With Valve Circles & Pads (to reuse your old valve)
StickIT! Replacement Valve Assembly (on bladder blank)
Kite Valve Replacement (on used bladder)
How To Easily Unstick Kite Valve works on partially delaminated valve)
Kite Bladder Removal & Insertion (how to re-install struts and leading edge)

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