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TPU Film & Film Patch SKU: TPU_98


4,90 €

(4,02 € excl VAT)

TPU FIlm & Patch

This is high quality clear 90micron EU made Thermoplastic PolyUrethane film, perfect for making all kinds of inflatable structures and perfect for making kite bladders. TPU Patch is a must when fixing large bladder tears.

Minimum order quantity - 10m or 1 patch. Price is for 1 square meter or patch.


Key Benefits

+ EU manufactured TPU materials

+ Tough 90micron film

+ Great bladder elongation to ensure blow resistance (550%)

+ No plasticizers

+ No yellowing

+ No ageing

+ Great for heat, HF welding and gluing



  • Patch - approx. 5dm2
  • Film - per metre, C-folded (2 layers)
  • can be cut on any size upon request


Welding service is available upon customer needs. Contact us for a quote!

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