Products 25 December 2014

UniPUMP Valve System

One of the biggest problems in the kite industry is the lack of product standards. Everybody wants to make their own solutions, which can bring to increase of costs and the customer pays it at the end. We are not aiming on ideas or products which stands out of the crowd, but on simple things, like safety systems or, in our case, valves.

Blog 19 December 2014

Force Kite 2015

I have been designing kites for more than a decade now. Starting on 3m & 5m double strutted kites back in early 2000, learning to sew on a small Toyota plastic fantastic sewing machine, giving me a lot of headaches when tearing the thread every few decimeters, then progressing to second hand old industrial machines.

Services 05 December 2014

How-To Video Manuals

Video manuals are a great way to learn self repair of your gear. In the following article we will show you how you can easily and painlessly to fix huge number of problems on your kite. You will also find answers on many stuff in our FAQ.

Services 01 December 2014

Advertising On Kites

Kiteboarding is wind driven, adrenaline extreme sport, which attracts public, crowds and it is really cool for shooting some photos, videos and stories. It is a great new way to show your BIG custom graphics, your favorite logo, sponsors or companies.

Custom Kites

We can provide you a custom kite, based on our kite base, well tested and with minimum startup costs.


By using in depth analysis modelling we can predict the overall behavior of the product and check the effects of the parametric changes before we even actually build the prototype.

Prototyping & Testing

Helping you in prototyping and testing. We can prepare and monitor each phase of the product, minimizing you the time and costs from idea to final product.

Kite Design

We are designing kites and other kiteboarding equipment from the scratch. Our head of R&D, Gigi, has more than 12 years experience in designing kites and parts. We designed all kinds of tube kites, from pure C-style to SLE and latest lightweight, modern hybrid types of kites. We use the latest kite and parts development software, aerodynamic analysis models and 3D CAD programs.

About Us

We are family driven brand, we love everything connected with kiteboarding and this beautiful sport.

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