Incredibly versatile all-around performer, suitable for a wide range of riders and styles. Built around the latest Hybrid platform, the Force delivers consistency in all riding disciplines. The kite is smooth and predictable in the air with progressive power delivery on-demand.


This incredibly stable kite will allow you to learn faster or to focus more on those cool tricks you want to land. Flatter with no strut in the center delivers more power and better safety, partially squared wingtips stabilise the kite and gives you a more direct feel.

Beginners will love the predictable behaviour, upwind performance, depower safety, easy relaunch and stable flying. Low end power is outstanding, allowing earlier riding with a smaller kite. The kite won't back stall in low wind and it will be eating gusts in heavy winds. Advanced riders will love response on the bar, kite's pop and unhooked performance without too heavy adjustments of the kite.

While they look almost the same, kite design parameters like bridle, angle of attack (AoA), profile shape, tube diameters,... was tuned for each size separately. 7m won't be too fast in turning and 13m delivers even more power.


The FORCE is a true all-round high performance kite in various conditions on water, land and snow.




+ Modern Hybrid Shape
+ Simple Dynamic Bridle
+ Increased Safety
+ Dynamic Arc
+ Works in a wide range of conditions
+ Built To Last



Boyz: 7m, 10m, 13m
Girly: 7m, 10m



Aspact Ratio (AR) roughly determines canopy span factor eg. how thin the kite is. Medium to high AR gives the kite perfect ability to eat gusts and to deliver a consistent power.


Kite is lighter, great for travelers and have better low end power. Struts also allows the usage of dynamic profiles for increased power delivery in the center and increased stability in the wingtips. They also help preventing unwanted “rattle” effect on the bar because of the less supported canopy.


Kevlar aramid protectors in wingtip and seam protections over the leading edge for maximized durability on all surfaces.


Whole canopy of the kite is carefully protected with 3-step layered polyester cloth frame.


Swept back and partly squared off wingtips are perfect combination of easy relaunch, direct feel & turning of the kite.


Teijin Polyester Ripstop


Teijin Technoforce is the most technologically advanced ripstop material for a kite canopy. This high density polyester fabric provides ultra light weight, high tearing strength and long lasting durability.

Dimension Polyant Dacron


The toughest ripstop material for kite’s frame, leading edge and struts comes from Dimension Polyant. This high density polyester fabric provides ultra light weight, high tearing strength and long lasting durability.

Valve Setup


The kite has AIRFLOW valve with increased diameter for fast inflation and deflation, our new UniPUMP system, unique one pump solution. We did not forget for a special compressor inflation valve.

Continuous Leading Edge Curve


Continuous Leading Edge Curvature supports the canopy and structure better than LE with flat sections.

This allows to produce more efficient structure, with better and more equal force distribution, meaning less weak points on the kite.

Solid Construction


Every part of the kite is precision CNC cut, all seams are additionally glued and sewed. We protected all exposed seams with highly abrasion resistant and lightweight aramid fabrics, making the kite rock solid and almost bomb proof!

Force Kite Performance Chart


You will love this kite, no matter if you just came out from kite school or you are advanced rider. Beginners will love stability and relaunch, while advanced riders will like power on demand and great unhooked performance. Multiple tunning options will allow you to tune the kite to fit your riding style!



Kite size

Wind speed
15-35 kts
11-27 kts
8-20 kts


Windrange is only approximation based on 85kg intermediate rider riding a normal modern kiteboard. Actual windrange depends on rider weight, skills and board choice.



drtuba force kite colors



The kite comes in 2 standard colors:


- BOYZ (red/blue)

- GIRLY (purple/light blue)


There are custom colors available, this kite base is also available as a custom branded kite option.

Contact us for more informations.



Our new simple and clean bar is equipped with EPIC push away CL system. Bar is extremely adjustable to suit your riding style.

You can easily adjust the width from 45cm to 55cm. Depower line is PU covered for no wear. It has easy to grab pull-pull depower system for fine tunning. Back lines are also covered with PU tube and equipped with grab ball for easy relaunch of the kite.

Force bar is equipped with 22m 600kg/370kg coloured lines, produced in Germany, one of the best you can find on the market. The lines are double pre-stretched to ensure best flying characteristics of the kite!



Force Kite Bar




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If you would like to get more in-depth infos on our new kite or to check kite videos please follow our designer's blog!


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