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New Slingshot Parts

New Slingshot kite bar parts on stock, including the latest Sentinel system.

We're increasing support for Slingshot kites. We now stock original spares for Compstick, Guardian and Sentinel kite bar systems. You can now retrofit your older Slingshot bar (ar basically any other) with their latest systems.


Slingshot Sentinel
Replacement System

180,00 € (147,54 € excl VAT)
10 items in stock

Slingshot Sentinel
Trim Rope

29,90 € (24,51 € excl VAT)

Slingshot Sentinel
Trim Block

12,90 € (10,57 € excl VAT)
40 items in stock

Slingshot Bar
Leader Lines

35,90 € (29,43 € excl VAT)

Slingshot CSS Bungee
Safety Line

11,00 € (9,02 € excl VAT)
27 items in stock

Slingshot Trim
Rope Handle

4,50 € (3,69 € excl VAT)
29 items in stock

Please follow this link for a complete list of your Slingshot specific parts!

Our mission at Slingshot Sports is to get you geared-up and stoked for your adventures in the great outdoors. To us, getting you out on the water and enjoying the ride is what matters most.

Since 1999 Slingshot Sports has been an industry trailblazer; we’ve never shied away from dreaming big, thinking radically and taking risks to create innovative new concepts, many of which have become industry norms over the years.

Slingshot is lucky to have a super talented group of riders, engineers, artists and craftsmen who take seriously and thoroughly enjoy their jobs. We are working tirelessly on our end so you can play tirelessly on yours, and it’s that concept that drives us forward as we approach two decades of designing and perfecting what we take pride in calling the best gear on the market.

Our greatest pleasure is in knowing we create products that enrich people’s lives and connect them to nature and the elements. And with that in mind, we say to you, GEAR UP AND ENJOY THE RIDE!

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