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Slingshot Kiteboarding Increased Support

We are happy to announce increased support for Slingshot customers! We are not only making top quality bladders and spare valves, but now also stocking brand specific parts.


About Slingshot

Our mission at Slingshot Sports is to get you geared-up and stoked for your adventures in the great outdoors. To us, getting you out on the water and enjoying the ride is what matters most.

Since 1999 Slingshot Sports has been an industry trailblazer; we’ve never shied away from dreaming big, thinking radically and taking risks to create innovative new concepts, many of which have become industry norms over the years.

Slingshot is lucky to have a super talented group of riders, engineers, artists and craftsmen who take seriously and thoroughly enjoy their jobs. We are working tirelessly on our end so you can play tirelessly on yours, and it’s that concept that drives us forward as we approach two decades of designing and perfecting what we take pride in calling the best gear on the market.

Our greatest pleasure is in knowing we create products that enrich people’s lives and connect them to nature and the elements. And with that in mind, we say to you, GEAR UP AND ENJOY THE RIDE!



Replacement bladders


Everybody knows or at least heard about our top quality replacement bladders. Now we support LF with their original valves, Max Flow and 2nd generation of one pump valves. Bladders are made by official blueprints and they will fit perfectly into your kite.

Click here to find correct bladder for your kite!




Valves & Spares

If you want to replace your faulty valve then choose the one on self adhesive base. Base comes in 2 sizes, standard 78mm and monster sized. Our monsterous XL adhesive base has more than 2.7x bigger adhesive surface area compared to any other adhesive valve base!

19,00 € (15,57 € excl VAT) Slingshot 2015
In/Out Valve

22,00 € (18,03 € excl VAT) Slingshot 2015 In/Out
Valve - Mega Base

One Pump

Please follow this link for a complete list of your Slingshot specific valves!



Brand Specific Spare Parts

In 2016 upgraded our support and offer brand specific parts. Now we stock not only replacement bladders and valves, but also kite bar spares and other spares.

12,90 € (10,57 € excl VAT) Slingshot Sentinel
Trim Block
37 items in stock

29,90 € (24,51 € excl VAT) Slingshot Sentinel
Trim Rope

35,90 € (29,43 € excl VAT) Slingshot Bar
Leader Lines

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We are family driven brand, we love everything connected with kiteboarding and this beautiful sport.

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