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Kiteboarding is wind driven, adrenaline extreme sport, which attracts public, crowds and it is really cool for shooting some photos, videos and stories. It is a great new way to show your BIG custom graphics, your favorite logo, sponsors or companies.


Why the kite is ideal for advertising?


+ allows you to advertise your business

+ attractive way for displaying your sponsors

+ you will stand out from the crowd

+ you can put any graphics on your kite you like

+ very cost efficient

+ unique & mobile advertising solution


Your graphic will look great since we're using highest quality materials, which have been tested in toughest conditions all over the world on sails and kites.



We offer many options or materials, depending on your needs:

+ Special Logo material

Material is similar to the one on your kites and sails, it's light and extremely tough. This is a recommended option for small to medium graphics with clean lines and very cost efficient.

+ Screen Printing

We offer screen printing service if you demand high quality, almost no added weight, full graphics to be displayed on your kite. We're using special colours that do not damage nylon/polyester fabric. Suitable for medium to big prints.

+ Nylon Panels Sewing

If you do not want to add any additional weight to the kite this is the option to choose. Logos are sewn on your kite in our repair loft.

+ Custom Kite

If you want to really have an unique kite, you want to promote your brand or school you might look for this option. It is not the cheapest one, but it will get you the most interest since you can design your own graphics from a scratch, having no limitations of branded kites. If this is the option for you please click here for more details!




Depending on the option you choose there are few steps involved until you get your fine graphics installed on your kite. Here is described the process of making and installation of the cut logo:

+ Process

Our special logo material is light and extremely tough. It is permanent and resists wear and sun. We're using this material for many years and logos are still there on our really old kites! Material is available in many colours.

D.Tuba Logos Making Process

+ Installation

Installation is easy. You will receive detailed installation manual together with the invoice. But, if you don't feel confident we can do the job instead of you! ;)

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We are family driven brand, we love everything connected with kiteboarding and this beautiful sport.

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