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DHL Cooperation

We partnered with DHL for express worldwide deliveries.

We are happy to announce that we signed cooperation with DHL - worlds best delivery service. Our customers all over the world can now choose DHL upon order checkout to get their products delivered super-fast and super-safe!

Informational DHL delivery times and pricing

Price is based on actual or volumetric base (the one which is greater). Delivery in working days only.

ECONOMY shipments (EU only)
Zone Countries Delivery Time Up to 2kg Up to 5kg Up to 10kg Up to 30kg
1 Austria, Croatia, Italy, Hungary, Germany, Vatican 1-3 20 € 20 € 25 € 40 €
2 Belgium, Checz Republic, France, Luxemburg, Monaco, Netherlands, Slovakia, Great Britain 2-6 20 € 25 € 30 € 45 €
3 Bolgaria, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, Greece, Ireland, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Spain, Sweden 3-7 20 € 25 € 30 € 50 €
5 Andorra, Liechtenstein, Norway, Switzerland 3-7 25 € 35 € 45 € 80 €
EXPRESS Worldwide Shipments
Zone Delivery Time Envelope* 500g Envelope* 1000g Up to 2kg Up to 5kg Up to 10kg Up to 20kg Up to 30kg
1 1-2 15 € 18 € 25 € 55 € 105 € 150 € 250 €
2 1-2 15 € 18 € 25 € 55 € 105 € 150 € 250 €
3 1-2 15 € 18 € 25 € 55 € 105 € 150 € 250 €
4 1-2 18 € 24 € 30 € 75 € 150 € 200 € 300 €
5 1-3 21 € 24 € 35 € 75 € 160 € 210 € 310 €
6 2-3 20 € 27 € 35 € 80 € 160 € 220 € 400 €
7 2-4 23 € 30 € 40 € 90 € 170 € 235 € 415 €
8 2-5 24 € 30 € 45 € 95 € 180 € 255 € 445 €
9 3-6 28 € 36 € 55 € 140 € 270 € 400 € 675 €


Prices does not include +20€ surcharge for far Islands/Territory shipments! You can find the list of these territories here.

Zone Country
1 Austria (AT), Croatia (HR), Germany (DE), Hungary (HU), Italy (IT), Vatican City (VA)
2 Belgium (BE), Czech Rep., The (CZ), France (FR), Luxembourg (LU), Monaco (MC), Netherlands, The (NL), Slovakia (SK), United Kingdom (GB)
3 Bulgaria (BG), Cyprus (CY), Denmark (DK), Estonia (EE), Finland (FI), Greece (GR), Ireland, Rep. Of (IE), Latvia (LV), Lithuania (LT), Malta (MT), Poland (PL), Portugal (PT), Romania (RO), Spain (ES), Sweden (SE)
4 Albania (AL), Bosnia & Herzegovina(BA), Kosovo (KV), Macedonia, Rep. Of (MK), Montenegro, Rep Of (ME), Serbia, Rep. Of (RS)
5 Andorra (AD), Canary Islands, The (IC), Gibraltar (GI), Guernsey (GG), Iceland (IS), Jersey (JE), Liechtenstein (LI), Norway (NO), San Marino (SM), Switzerland (CH), Turkey (TR)
6 Canada (CA), Mexico (MX), USA (US)
7 Armenia (AM), Azerbaijan (AZ), Belarus (BY), Georgia (GE), Kazakhstan (KZ), Kyrgyzstan (KG), Moldova, Rep. Of (MD), Russian Federation (RU), Tajikistan (TJ), Ukraine (UA), Uzbekistan (UZ)
8 Algeria (DZ), Australia (AU), Bahrain (BH), Brunei (BN), China (CN), East Timor (TL), Egypt (EG), Faroe Islands (FO), Hong Kong (HK), India (IN), Indonesia (ID), Iran (IR), Israel (IL), Japan (JP), Korea, Rep. Of (KR), Korea,  D.P.R Of (KP), Kuwait (KW), Lebanon (LB), Libya (LY), Macau (MO), Malaysia (MY), Mongolia (MN), Morocco (MA), Oman (OM), Pakistan (PK), Philippines, The (PH), Singapore (SG), Syria (SY), Taiwan (TW), Thailand (TH), Tunisia (TN), Yemen, Rep. Of (YE)
9 Afghanistan (AF), American Samoa (AS), Angola (AO), Anguilla (AI), Antigua (AG), Argentina (AR), Aruba (AW), Bahamas (BS), Bangladesh (BD), Barbados (BB), Belize (BZ), Benin (BJ), Bermuda (BM), Bhutan (BT), Bolivia (BO), Bonaire (XB), Botswana (BW), Brazil (BR), Burkina Faso (BF), Burundi (BI), Cambodia (KH), Cameroon (CM), Cape Verde (CV), Cayman Islands (KY), Central African Rep(CF), Chad (TD), Chile (CL), Colombia (CO), Comoros (KM), Congo (CG), Congo, DPR (CD), Cook Islands (CK), Costa Rica (CR), Cote D Ivoire (CI), Cuba (CU), Curacao (XC), Djibouti (DJ), Dominica (DM), Dominican Rep. (DO), Ecuador (EC), El Salvador (SV), Eritrea (ER), Ethiopia (ET), Falkland Islands (FK), Fiji (FJ), French Guyana (GF), Gabon (GA), Gambia (GM), Ghana (GH), Greenland (GL), Grenada (GD), Guadeloupe (GP), Guam (GU), Guatemala (GT), Guinea Rep. (GN), Guinea-Bissau (GW), Guinea-Equatorial (GQ), Guyana (British) (GY), Haiti (HT), Honduras (HN), Iraq (IQ), Jamaica (JM), Jordan (JO), Kenya (KE), Kiribati (KI), Laos (LA), Lesotho (LS), Liberia (LR), Madagascar (MG), Malawi (MW), Maldives (MV), Mali (ML), Mariana Islands (MP), Marshall Islands (MH), Martinique (MQ), Mauritania (MR), Mauritius (MU), Mayotte (YT), Micronesia (FM), Montserrat (MS), Mozambique (MZ), Myanmar (MM), Namibia (NA), Nauru, Rep. Of (NR), Nepal (NP), Nevis (XN), New Caledonia (NC), New Zealand (NZ), Nicaragua (NI), Niger (NE), Nigeria (NG), Niue (NU), Palau (PW), Panama (PA), Papua New Guinea (PG), Paraguay (PY), Peru (PE), Puerto Rico (PR), Qatar (QA), Reunion, Island Of (RE), Rwanda (RW), Saint Helena (SH), Samoa (WS), Sao Tome And Principe (ST), Saudi Arabia (SA), Senegal (SN), Seychelles (SC), Sierra Leone (SL), Solomon Islands (SB), Somalia (SO), Somaliland, Rep Of (XS), South Africa (ZA), South Sudan (SS), Sri Lanka (LK), St. Barthelemy (XY), St. Eustatius (XE), St. Kitts (KN), St. Lucia (LC), St. Maarten (XM), St. Vincent (VC), Sudan (SD), Suriname (SR), Swaziland (SZ), Tahiti (PF), Tanzania (TZ), Togo (TG), Tonga (TO), Trinidad And Tobago (TT), Turks & Caicos (TC), Tuvalu (TV), Uganda (UG), United Arab Emirates (AE), Uruguay (UY), Vanuatu (VU), Venezuela (VE), Vietnam (VN), Virgin Islands-British (VG), Virgin Islands-US (VI), Zambia (ZM), Zimbabwe (ZW)

Standard insurance (in price):

- 19USD/kg for international shipments

- 8.33USD/kg for EU shipments


Extra insurance:

+10€ for package value up to 1000€ and +1% for value over 1000€.

* Insurance does not cover damage of fragile goods and kite bladders if shipped in envelopes.

Complete general Shipping Terms can be found here.


Good winds!

Team Dr.Tuba


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