Products 11 December 2016

Kite Repair Kit

The most advanced and up-to-date kite repair kit! With our new DIY kit you’ll be able to repair almost any known problem on your kite, from ripstop & dacron fabrics to bladders and valves.

Tips & Tricks 22 November 2015

Ultra Repair Patch Manuals

 In the following article we will show you how you can easily and painlessly fix many products, including your kite's bladder and number of small tears on your kite's fabrics, with our new ULTRA REPAIR PATCH.

Tips & Tricks 04 September 2015

Kite Bladder Re-installation Manual

This video manual guides you thru the whole process of kite bladder replacement - removal and insertion, both strut and leading edge. It will show you how to do it and where to be careful and do it safely and effortlessly, without any damages to the kite.

[icon name="icon-warning-sign"] WARNING

Get help when changing inflatable bladders. Check the bladder orientation prior usage. Twisted or improperly inserted bladder can cause decreased performance or damage to the kite!

Step by step procedures:


S1. Detach one pump tube from the valve (if any)
S2. Connect the rope to the valve and push the valve into the bladder
S3. Open the strut's end and pull the bladder out of the tube


S1. Fold front of the bladder inside itself and connect the rope to the valve
S2. Connect the rope to the valve and push the valve into the bladder
S3. Insert the bladder back to the tuba carefully, do not twist it!
S4. Push the valve back to the valve hole
S5. Inflate the bladder to 1/3, tap on it to position itself correctly
S6. Align the rest of the bladder with the strut, push the excess bladder back in, do not twist it and close the strut end
S7. Fully inflate the bladder, but be careful for twists!
S8. Mount one pum system back (if any)


S1. Open kite's tip end and connect rope to the bladder end
S2. Push all valves into the LE tube
S3. Pull the bladder out from the tube thru kite's middle zipper
S4. Repeat steps 1-3 for the other half of the LE tube


S1. Nicely lay kite flat down and attach rope to the bladder end
S2. Pull stacked bladder into the kite back thru middle zipper
S3. Pull valves back thru the valve holes
S4. Mount one pump system back (if any)
S5. Detach the rope off the bladder, help the bladder to align itself
S6. Repeat steps 1-5 on the other half of the leading edge
S7. Close the tube's middle zipper
S8. Inflate the bladder to 1/3, tap on it to position itself correctly
S9. Align both tips of the bladder with the tube ends and close them
S10. Fully inflate the bladder, but be careful for the twists!

Events 04 July 2015

Dr.Tuba Does Sardinia

With its wild coastline with steep cliffs, wonderful landscapes and unspoilt nature Sardinia offers a variety of treasures for you to discover during your journey. Looking for Farniente? Sardinia has countless fine sandy beaches and is full of sunshine.


The Mediterranean landscape of Sardinia is magnificent. Rocky coastlines covered with Macchia, mountains and valleys were you can hike.
You will be surprised to meet the animals still living here in unison with nature. Wild boar, white donkeys, pink flamingos, vultures with a wingspan of 2 meters ...

While hiking you will certainly find 'Nuraghi', megalith monuments which were used in past times as watchtower or dwellings.
Are you in the mood already? You will be charmed by the Sardinian culture and the hospitality of the people. Feasts, one after the other, try the traditional dishes based on local pork, lamb or goat seasoned with thyme, rosemary and other wild herbs.

Sardinia Kiting

And there is kiting. We have been on Sardegna many times all around the island. Every day is a kite day they say and usually that's true - at least from our experiences. All you have to do is travel around a bit... :) So, our team will be demoing our new kites from 6.7.2015 till 17.7.2015. Main base is BADESI on the northern coast, where we expect good thermal winds, every day. You will be able to talk with our head of R&D, Gigi, and the rest of the team!

The team will travel to some other spots:

- Porto Pollo

- Valledoria

- San Teodoro (La Caletta)

- Maddalena (Petrol Beach)

- Punta Trettu


The location and the date is weather prognose dependant so pls check our FACEBOOK pages from time to time!


See you on Sardegna!!!


Blog 09 April 2015

Force Sessions

Promo video of Force 2015 kite. Shot on snow and sea in some incredible late winter and spring conditions, just perfect for shooting some cool kite clips.

Blog 14 March 2015

Snowkite Freeride

This video shows me freeriding on a sunny day. Clips were shot from a bit different angles.

Products 28 February 2015

Force Kite 2015

Incredibly versatile all-around performer, suitable for a wide range of riders and styles. Built around the latest Hybrid platform, the Force delivers consistency in all riding disciplines. The kite is smooth and predictable in the air with progressive power delivery on-demand.

Blog 09 February 2015

Force 2015 Water Testing

The crucial part before launching of the Force kite is testing on various surfaces. The goal was that the kite must perform well in all conditions and all surfaces.

Blog 03 January 2015

Force Kite 2015 vs. Drone

One of testing phases of Force kite pre-production prototypes. This time from another dimension.

Blog 19 December 2014

Force Kite 2015

I have been designing kites for more than a decade now. Starting on 3m & 5m double strutted kites back in early 2000, learning to sew on a small Toyota plastic fantastic sewing machine, giving me a lot of headaches when tearing the thread every few decimeters, then progressing to second hand old industrial machines.

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