Built from high quality EU made 90 micron TPU.

Best weight / toughness ratio.

Great elongation (harder to pop), may survive massive blow-outs!

Original valves, approved by world's known brands!

- OR -



With pre-welded valves.

Fully assembled, ready to install.

Like the bladders installed in your kite.

QC tested overnight!


Perfect solution for travellers.

You mount the valves to match your bladder.

Original adhesive valves!

World's standard TEAR-AID adhesive!

Blog 28 April 2017

Upgrading valves to newer versions

People often asks us to change the valves to newer one. Here is how to do it properly.

Products 08 March 2017

New AIRUSH FBI valves

The latest AIRUSH FBI adhesive kite valve, for faster inflation and deflation of your Airush kite.

Tips & Tricks 05 May 2016

CORE Speed Valve 2 Replacement Video

How to video of CORE Speed Valve 2. Video shows how easy is to replace their IN/OUT kite valve.

Products 31 January 2016

Ozone Replacement Kite Valves

The latest Ozone adhesive valves are on stock. New one pump L valve and big Boston valve on mega adhesive valve base!

Products 27 December 2015

New North Airport2 Valve 2016

The latest North Airport version 2 adhesive valve. This is the latest, redesigned 2016 version. Fits on all older North Airport 1 kites from 2013 on too.

Services 30 November 2014

Replacement Kite Bladders & Valves

Dr.Tuba is authorized by many known kite brands. Our aftermarket replacement bladders are custom made in our factory, with the best quality TPU made in EU. It is UV stable and it won't degrade even in longer periods of time.

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