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Replacement Bladders - Inflatable replacement bladders for kites, wings, tents and many other inflatable products. Premium German quality with 5 years warranty, fast production times. Repair & Refill Kits - Easy to repair your gear with carefully selected kits. Do not waste your session or event due to delaminated valve or tear in your gear never again! Adhesive Valves - We stock 50000+ all kinds of valves used on bladders. We HF weld the valves to ensure the best & long term bond. Many Other Spares - Repair tapes, Glues, Kiteboarding lines, Kite Pulleys, Rings, One Pump Parts and many other spare parts available in our eShop.

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Lines and many other parts - browse our shop!Repait Tapes & GluesRepair & Refill kitsAdhesive valves on Tear Aid patch!Premium German quality replacement bladders. 5 years warranty, fast service, ready to install!
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You brake... We fix!

Professional Kite, Wing & Tent repair service. There is no tear we can't repair.

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New premium products, updated bladders database, more guides... Check it out!


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Premium products deserves premium warranty, now with minimum of 5 years!


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New pressure sensitive self-adhesive acrylic based nylon ripstop & dacron tape repair kits.

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...and more! We stock many parts for world's top brands.

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