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Upgrading valves to newer versions

There are many new kite valves coming out from the brands, which allow faster airflow to minimize inflation and deflation times. It is also a known fact that some of the brands have or had problems with delamination of their standard inflate and deflate valves, to the point that customer's don't trust them anymore.

Our workshop is filled with valve change requests. Most customer's have the same questions, so these are the things you would want to know before sending us your kite:


1. Can the inflate/deflate valves be changed?


Yes, they can be changed. Please note that changing or modifying the kite will most likely be warranty void by your brand.


2. Which valves are possible to change?


We upgrade inflate one mostly. But all valves can be changed, even one pump ones, depends on your issues and needs. And your budget...


3. Which new valve do you recommend the most?


We have the most experience with big Boston or Airlock 2 valves.


4. Can I just cut out the old valve and stick new, different one and go kiting?


No. New styles of valves requires more work than just stick and go kiting. Most of them will need larger hole thru the kite and they use protection and velcros to be stitched on the inside of the kite. The only 2 valves that currently do not need velcros are CORE Speed Valve 2 and NORTH Airlock 2. All our boston type valves comes with pre-welded velcros.


5. Can you mount newer valves to your replacement bladders?


Yes, we can. You just need to comminucate this with us in the comments of the order. But note that the changes are needed on the kite too.


6. What is the warranty If I send you my kite to upgrade the valves? And will you make me a new bladder?


A standard 1 year warranty for workmanship. We cut off old valve and install new one on existing bladder. We can make you new bladder too if you will want to.


7. Will there be any security issues with this solution?


No, it shouldn't be any. We reinforce the upgrade and sew everything what it needs to be stitched. We even secure the valve cap with a piece of rope sewed on the kite.


8. On what should I be careful with the new valve?


Most likely you are changing the valve on older kites, meaning you poses an older kite pump. Adapters on older kite pumps will work good with Boston, Airlock 2/Speed valves and some others. New pumps have slightly different diametres of the pump hose or adapters so they might not work well with CORE Speed valve 2 and North Airport 2 valve. If you want 100% working valve with all pumps then go with Boston valve.


If you have any additional questions feel free to ask us!


Here are some upgrade pictures we did for one of our clients, changed standard inflate (ball) valve to latest Slingshot Speed valve.

Preparing for sewing

Mounting velcros

Replacing the valve

New valve mounted

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