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GA AQUASURE+EP™ REPAIR PUTTY 57g - Rapid Epoxy Repair SKU: GA_91037


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Fill holes or scratches on dry or underwater surfaces fast with Aquasure EP. Previously known as AquaPak, this epoxy repair putty is waterproof and bonds to most solid surfaces – curing in one hour. Once it hardens, the seal can then be drilled, sanded and painted. To fix and maintain watersports gear, use Aquasure EP.

  • Durable – Powerful repair adhesive for sealing holes; bonds to most surfaces and hardens to a tough seal
  • Reduces Wear – Keeps gear looking good by patching up holes and scratches on dry or underwater surfaces
  • Waterproof – Provides a water-tight seal that can be modified as needed; available in 28 g packaging
  • Multipurpose – Bonds to all types of outdoor materials to quickly repair boats, canoes, surfboards, and more

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