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Race / Lightwind
Flying Lines & Extensions


72,00 €

(59,02 € excl VAT)

Race / LW Lines - Lengths
Race / LW Lines - End Loop Types

Price per set (2pcs of lines).


New kite lines specially developed for Kite Race and Lightwind riding. With thinner diametres provides unmatched performance compared to others. THE CHOICE for all racers and those who wants to minimize drag and maximize kite's low end performance.


Key Benefits

+ 100% Dyneema

+ Colored versions for max. visibility on water, land and snow

+ High Breaking strength at very low diameters

+ Extremely low stretch due to unique heat stretch proccess

+ Excellent abrasion resistance which also ensures almost no tangles

+ Lines floats!



  • Colored
  • 100% Dyneema SK99
  • Diameter approx. 1,1mm and 1.5mm
  • Breaking strength eff. 270kg or 450kg
  • Almost no stretch
  • Excellent abrasion resistance, no tangles


Each set of lines is CNC measured at the same time. We additionally pre-stretch lines to 75% workload for the 2nd time, to ensure equal lengths of the lines and best response from the kite!

Front lines comes in white, rear lines comes in red/blue only.

You can choose loop end types.

Custom sizes available upon request.

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