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2021 Replacement Bladders & Valves

Dr.Tuba is authorized by many known kite brands. Our aftermarket replacement bladders are custom made in our factory, with the premium German TPU, all made in EU. It is UV stable and it won't degrade even in longer periods of time.

We spent a lot of time in searching the product which has great elongation and that is it still tough. With our 90 micron TPU our bladders are approx. 10%-20% lighter than the ones installed in the kite and have best weight to toughness ratio compared to competition. It is not un-common that they survive blowouts too!

We updated our database with all latest 2021 kite & wing bladders.

Tough TPU

All our bladders are made from only from tough Thermo Plastic Urethane (TPU) film, exclusively made in EU by our specifications.

UV Stable

We added only UV plasticizers to ensure long term performance of our bladders. They won't turn yellow or degrade over time.

Great elongation

Elongation is the key to toughness. It provides longer resistance against rubbing sand and salt inside the bladder. Our bladders may survive blowouts too!

Welded Valves

Valves are welded and not glued, to ensure permanent bonds with the TPU. Extra care is provided while welding to match your original valve setup.


Extended 3 Year Warranty

Countless times of ridicoulos testing events done by our team and years of riders proofs, we 100% stand behind our products.

We are using only proven EU made materials and films to make our bladders.

We have virtually none warranty claims and we're proud to extend our limited factory warranty to 3 years!

CNC cut, HF welded, Tested Overnight!

Manuals & New Packaging

Instructional step by step how - to manual along with video link is provided with each bladder.

We did an extra step and provide our customers most valued tips & tricks to avoid most common installation problems too.

We slightly pre-talc the bladders so that installation is easier. And now all is wrapped in great new packaging!

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