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F-One Parts

F-One Flying Lines SKU: F1FLYLIN-RGHW

F-One Flying Lines

149,00 €

(122,13 € excl VAT)
Brand: F-OneF-One
Backs color
Setup option

Top quality flying custom made lines replacement set for F-one kites. Compatible with their kites from model year from 2010 to 2017. Made from best dyneema lines from LIROS.

Available in several options.


2 x 310kg fronts, color white.

2 x 310 kg backs, color options red/green or red/yellow.


Low or High V setup option. Bandit model normally uses high V option, Furtive Low V. If your setup uses longer safety line (about 4m), then your setup is "High V".

We use 510kg front bottom line in High V setup.

For length: 24m


Safety line, o-rings, sviwels are not included.


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