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Discontinued Kite Valves

Discontinued Kite Valves!

Our kite bladders now come with extended 3 year warranty. As we are continuing to provide best possible service and products to our customers, we are replacing some of the kite valves with newer, more durable ones, which will guarantee long lasting product. Some of the valves are out of support from the brands and some are just not up to our weldability standards.


Here's the list of valves which are or will be discontinued and are replaced or will be with never or better ones:

  • BEST Twist Lock 1 valve, with BEST Twist Lock 2
  • BEST blue or grey nipple valve, with North/Best one pump valve (white)
  • CORE red one pump valve, with Unipump One Pump
  • OZONE old nipple valve, with Slinghot's nipple valve
  • CABRINHA black one pump, all versions, when stock depletes, with upcoming 2020 one
  • CRAZY FLY black and blue one pump, with green one pump
  • any other valves which are unavailable or out of production or in bad quality.


We guarantee the performance and fitment of replacement valves. The change is mandatory for receiving extended warranty and will be automaticaly made by our team.

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