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F-One Spares

F-One Spare Parts

New spare parts for F-One kites and their control systems. We now stock many original parts, which will perfectly fit your F-One product. Our offer already includes spares for their kites, like replacement bladders and kite valves, and now we focused on high wear parts, which you should regularly check and replace.

F-One Flying Lines
149,00 € (122,13 € excl VAT)
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F-One Life Line
22,90 € (18,77 € excl VAT) 91 items in stock
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F-One Pulley
7,50 € (6,15 € excl VAT) No stock

F-One Reactor Valve
Repair Kit
19,00 € (15,57 € excl VAT) 49 items in stock
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F-ONE Trim system without Cleat - LINXBAR
69,90 € (57,30 € excl VAT) 10 items in stock
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F-One HUB with line - LINXBAR
29,90 € (24,51 € excl VAT) 19 items in stock
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F-One Reactor Valve Pump Connector
5,90 € (4,84 € excl VAT) No stock

Please follow this link for a complete list of your brand's specific spare products!

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