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Force Kite Product

This incredibly stable kite will allow you to learn faster or to focus more on those cool tricks you want to land. Flatter with no strut in the center delivers more power and better safety, partially squared wingtips stabilise the kite and gives you a more direct feel.

Beginners will love the predictable behaviour, depower safety, good relaunch and stable flying. Low end power is outstanding, allowing earlier riding with a smaller kite. The kite won't backstall in low wind and it will be super stable in gusts. Advanced riders will love response on the bar, kite's pop and unhooked performance without too heavy adjustments of the kite.

While they look almost the same, kite design parameters like bridle, angle of attack (AoA), profile shape, tube diameters,... were tuned for each size separately. 7m won't be too fast and 13m delivers more power.

The FORCE 2015 is a true all-round performance kite in various conditions on water, land and snow.

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