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Brand Story

Founded in 1995, Liquid Force quickly became the leader in wakeboard products and apparel. Soon after in 1999 Liquid Force entered into kiteboarding and became the benchmark in design and product progression.


Liquid Force is dedicated to relentless innovation, progressive design, maximum functionality and unparalleled quality.

Dr.Tuba Replacement Kite Bladders

Everybody knows or at least heard about our top quality replacement bladders. Bladders are made by official blueprints and they will fit perfectly into your kite*.

Please follow the link below to choose yours!

Click here to find correct bladder for your kite!

Why our bladders?

Our bladders offers unmatched performanced against other kite bladders. They are built from high quality EU made 90 micron TPU, made exclusevly for us. Great elongation ensures them harder to pop and may survive massive blow-outs! They are non yellowing and will not degrade over time.

Our replacement kite badders come with pre-welded valves, with original brand's valves. They are fully assembled, ready to install, ike the bladders installed in your kite.

All of our bladders are always QC tested overnight!

Valves & Spares

If you want to replace your faulty valve then choose the one on self adhesive base. Base comes in 2 sizes, standard 78mm and on new MEGA BASE. Our new mega adhesive base has more than 2.7x bigger adhesive surface area compared to standard adhesive valve bases!

Liquid Force
Max Flow
25,00 € (20,49 € excl VAT)
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Liquid Force One Pump
2nd generation L
13,00 € (10,66 € excl VAT)
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Liquid Force / Blade
Max Flow Pump Adaptor
9,00 € (7,38 € excl VAT) 97 items in stock
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Please follow this link for a complete list of your brand's specific valves!

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