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Grab great products for discounted price!

Kite bladders and other parts now on sale!

We're selling off some of our products we used, or "wrongly" made. All replacement bladders are in top working condition, mostly new, but we don't need them and we want you to use them.

All products are marked with condition tag.


Condition level description

Condition is displayed on product detail.


1. Bladders

A - new, unused, usually unopened, customer's return due to wrong order etc.

B - small repair or other imperfection, which has no effect on performance at all

All bladders are 100% tested overnight prior shipment.


2. Other products

A - new, unused item

B - used item with no errors or anything

C - more used item or repaired item


We are constantly updating our product on sale list so make sure to come back here from time to time. ;) Products have a standard 1 year limited manufacturer warranty unless written otherwise.

All prices includes 22% VAT. All pictures of on sale products are or may be of symbolic nature.

Click on kite brand's picture to check which bladders are on sale, you can find other products down below the pictures. Contact us if you need more info on specific product.

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