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Kite Repairs

Dr.Tuba was established because of kite repairing. Back in 2008 we start repairing bladders with a small impulse sealer and now we're using only profesional machines to fix all kinds of problems on kites. We use only the best polyester fabrics, like Dimension Polyant dacron or Teijin risptop and original spare parts. All repairs are done on professional machines to ensure best quality service. All our repairs comes with one year warranty.


We're always trying to color match the repair with your kites color - repairs are less visible. All repair seams are additionaly reinforced with high quality repair tapes/glue and are invisible to the user! We have experience in repairing of all kiteboarding brands.

We can arrange gear pickup with our fast, fairly cheap & reliable carrier at your location.

Services/Repairs we provide:

  • all canopy and tubes breakings
  • inflatable bladders repairs - 6mm weld!
  • gluing and/or valve changes of all kinds
  • repairs and building of bridles, pigtails,...
  • gear cleaning, tar cleaning...
  • gear inspection and tunning
  • gear consulting
  • other repairs/services
  • kiteboarding equipment design

You can post On-line service ticket here or to the Dr.Tuba Authorized Repair Center near you. Please do not forget to attach pictures of your broken gear for a quote. You can track your service ticket online. Just click on a link to the ticket you received on your e-mail.


Please do clean your gear before delivery!

Delivery / Shipping Locations



Novi dom 31
1430 Hrastnik

T: +386.70.400.112

Slovenia Pickup Locations

Prevzemna mesta (pred dostavo pokličite!)


Medenska c. 76
1210 Ljubljana - Šentvid

T: 031.658.635


Infinity Sport
Tolminskih puntarjev 4
5000 Nova Gorica

T: 041.775.740

Repairs Gallery

Here you can find some pictures of the gear we repaired, before and after actual repair. If you are still unsure regarding our repair quality please see our gallery on our Facebook page!

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