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You will find here some answers on the most commn quations about our team, products and general conditions of ordering at Dr.Tuba.

Please let us know if we missed something as we are always adding new useful items for our customers.


Thank you & Ride safe!

Team Dr.Tuba


DOCWho is Dr.Tuba?

Dr.Tuba or doctuba is family driven brand. We have more than 10 years of experience in building and repairing of kiteboarding products. Dr.Tuba is founded by Gigi;), a passionate custom kite builder and designer ( We started by fixing blown bladders with a small hand operated impulse sealer, then we switched to pro machines which we're using for our services and for making of our products. We're establishing distributors & retailers network worldwide. Gigi is still active on world's kiteboarding forum (

VSRepair Kits vs. PRO Repair Service?
FBFAre repairs done with Dr.tuba Repair Kits long-lasting?
DIYI have never repaired a kite before. Is it difficult?
BUYWhere can I find Dr.Tuba products?
TIPWhat should I do before starting to make a repair?
CHOHow to choose the right product(s) for the repair?
HLHow long does it takes to repair a kite?


PUHow long does the PU glue takes to dry?

One component PU glues are moisture based. We use aquasure PU glue in all kits. Normal cure time is about 10-14 hours. If extra thickness is required extra Aquasure layers may be applied once the original layers are fully cured, but normally requires only one application.

AQSIs Aquasure cold and heat resistant, how it is with quality?
STOHow can I store my Aquasure PU glue tube once I have opened it?
DIYHow to change density of Aquasure glue?
BONHow I can ensure better glue bonding on bad bladders/surfaces?
PROCan I make long-lasting and proffesional looking repair with the glue?
SPDHow I can speed up curing time of Aquasure?
MATCan Aquasure cure more than just PVC and TPU?
BLWhat's included with replacement bladders?
SEPHow do I separate bladder walls to mount the adhesive valve?
LILThere is a difference in line lengths. What can I do?
LSSDo lines stretch or shrink?


WWDo you ship worldwide?

YES, anywhere in the world if the local currier will want to deliver!

SLOWhere are the orders shipped from?
SHIWhat are the shipping options, delivery times and costs?
T&CHow it is with privacy and your terms & conditions?
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