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  • CORE Speed 2.1 Inflate/Deflate Valve
  • CORE Speed 2.1 Inflate/Deflate Valve

CORE Speed 2.1 Inflate/Deflate Valve

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Take a deep breath in, then out. The CORE Speed Valve 2.1 will accept all standard pump hoses without attachments. This provides the Speed Valve 2.1 with the biggest, physically possible, flow of air. It’s simply not possible to pump up a kite with less effort and in less time. Even deflating the kite is noticeably quicker and easier too.

This valve fits to all new CORE kites which uses velcro to attach it to the kite from inside.

The perfect adhesive valve solution to replace damaged or detached / delaminated valves on your product.

Why different diametre stick-on bases?

There are several ways to exchange the valves, depends on the problem and valve type. Valve can delaminate or easily to peel it off or you need to cut it off partially or completely. These stick on base sizing was made because of countless valves exchange made by our team, works best and are just right in size for the job well done. We made several diametre self-stick bases to suit different ways of repair:

Standard diam. 78mm - this size is used for standard one pump valves, which can be easily peeleed off or are already delaminated, and area around the valve is not damaged. The simplest and fastest solution in valve exchange.

XL diam. 120mm - if your one pump valve can't go off the bladder easily and/or the area around valve is damaged, then this valve base is the way to go. Used for both one pump valves and all bigger valves, like newer In/Out ones - if got delaminated or easily to peel off.

Mega squared 150mm - this is the biggest stick-on valve base on the market. It's purely used for big In/Out valves, which can't be peeled off easily or area around is damaged, and you need to cut them off. This size is not recommended for repairing one pump valves at all, as the oversized valve base can cause only issues when sticking valves on.

We use Tear Aid Type A adhesive tape only, the strongest and most powerful adhesive on the market. Bases are die-cut in house and all valves are welded on the base, not glued. Welding is the most efficient way of attaching valves to valve adhesive base as it fuses materials together and making a perfect bond. If base is properly bonded to the bladder then it will create super strong bond with bladder and it will outlast lifetime of the kite, wing or inflatable tent.

Tips & Tricks

Please check out our Valve Repair section of how to manuals and videos for a detailded explanation of Valve Replacement, Stick - on / StickIT! Replacement Valve Assembly, Bigger In/Out valve replacement. You'll find also Valve Donuts / Circles repair procedure, How To Easily Unstick Kite Valve and many other useful instructions, like how to exchange bladders, fix leaks on bladders and much more.

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