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Self stick adhesive valves to exchange delaminated valves on bladders for kites, wings and tents and many other inflatable structures. Strong adhesive used ensures permanent bond, high initial tack will make the product repaired to be used within 1h of the repair. This ensures permanent bond on different bladders from all brands and additional re-positioning the patch in early, cruicial stages of installation.

All valves are HF welded and not glued to adhesive base. HF welding fuses material together and provides outstanding link between valves and adhesive base.

Base comes in two sizes - standard 78mm and MEGA base of diam. 120mm.


Our Adhesive Valves?

Strong adhesive

Tear-aid ensures ultra strong & permanent bond with any bladder.

Self Repair On The Spot

Do it yourself on the spot & save your session or event!

Easy How To Manuals

Lots of how to manuals available to ease the repair.


Thoroughly Tested

Our products needs to work in all conditions. Valves are no different. We make ridicoulous tests to ensure best working products on sea, snow & land.

No matter if you live in cold North or hot South, our valves will work!

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