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Warranty & Return Policy

As we sell a wide broad of products, different Warranty & Return Policy conditions applies to them. As we are always open and fair to our clients we made this Policy as simple as possible and easy to understand, no small print involved.

All replacement bladders and sewed lines are custom products, made per order only, we do not hold any stock of original factory ones. Special terms for return/exhange applies on such products.

This Warranty & Returns Policy in inseparable part of General Terms & Conditions.

Replacement Bladders & Unipump Valves


Our replacement bladders are known of high performance in all enviroments. Materials we use to make are premium German quality which won't fail easily - confirmed by our customers all around the world!

Because we believe in our made in Europe bladders quality, construction, and durability, we are passing these benefits onto our customers.


As a result we are extending our warranty conditions for all our bladders to 5 years on welds and bladder TPU material. We are so confident in our in-house made parts that we additionally extending to LIFETIME warranty for our UNIPUMP valves - both on welds and materials.

 This warranty goes beyond regular warranties. New warranty conditions are valid from 15th May 2023 forwards.

5 Year Warranty
5 Year Warranty
Replacement Bladders - 5 Year Limited Warranty

Inflatable Bladders

Bladder Seams

All welded edges of the bladder on the delamination.

Valve Welds

Welded valves on the bladder if they unstick.

Wrong Installation

Damage caused by assembly or set up error - twisted bladder, improper end closing, improper set bladders, caught material,...

Misuse / Crashes

Damage caused by foreign objects, hard crashes / impacts on any surface, accidents, abuse, neglect, improper storage.

Valve Breakings

Other than our Unipump valves as we can not provide any guarantee to other brand's valve material quality.

Excess Inflation

Inflation over recommended kite manufacturer's pressure for the kite.

Modification / SN Defacing

Damage caused by any modification,  unauthorized repair or defacing the serial number.



Valve Welds

Welded valves on the bladder if they unstick.

Valve material

Defects in material.

Misuse / Crashes

Damage caused by foreign objects, hard crashes / impacts on any surface, abuse, neglect, improper storage.


Damage caused by any modification or unauthorized repair.


Covered by warranty.
Not covered by warranty / Warranty void.

The warranty excludes commercially used kites, such as kiteschools, rentals, prototypes etc., regular wear and tear. Warranty conditions applies only to the first, original owner.

All bladders are Quality Control (QC) tested prior shipping. Minimum QC test time is 8h.


When original valves are not available anymore, original valves are in bad quality, or we can not find exact valves, we have the right to use our own replacement valves, without prior notice. We guarantee proper functionality of the bladders where we had to replace original valves with our own or replacement ones. Click here to read why.

We custom make all replacement bladders under official blueprints, authorized from brands, on per-order basis only. A return fee applies on all our custom bladders in case you've ordered wrong ones. We advise you to contact us prior buy in case you are not sure which one to buy.

There might be differences between original blueprints and the factory installed bladders.  Due to nature of the workmanship or welding processes there may be some standard shape and welding derivations from original blueprint valve centre positions.

From experiences we found that factory bladders can be made too tightly compared to outer skin of the kite, so that we have the right to make the bladder slightly longer and wider compared to original factory bladder or blueprint, but no more than 30mm in width and 50cm in lenght for leading edge bladder and 20mm in width and 25cm in length for strut bladders total compared to blueprint design. Knowing that, we can extend one pump valve positions accordingly.

We constantly update our bladder database to match factory bladders. But we are not responsible if original bladder blueprint measures are made too big by brand compared to factory bladders. In such case we can help by installing the bladders into the kite, customer needs to send to and pick up the gear at Dr.Tuba repair loft.

We may advise or ask customer for the measures check to minimize all unclarities with the bladder blueprints. We are not responsible in any way if the customer did not take the measures correctly or sent us wrong measures, or ordered bladder for wrong model year.

Kite Valves, Replacement Adhesive Valves

Original valves from kite brands has 1 year limited warranty for weld only.

Due to nature of the welding process on adhesive valve base there may be a small derivations in off-centre welding, but no more than 4mm.

Other Products, Repair Services

All other products and repair services have 1 year limited warranty for factory faults, if not specified otherwise.

Sewed lines are custom made products. Standard derivation in lengths is 25mm. As lines are highly abrasive product there is no warranty on them. We strongly suggest to regurarly check for quality of the line and exchange them regurarly.

Other Terms & Conditions

Due to a specific product manufacturing processes and static effects, small imperfections in material or workmanship, glue residues, imperfectly cut edges, slight color derivations, small valve off-positionings and off-directions and similar issues can not be a subject of the warranty claim.

Warranty excludes: Normal wear and tear; Any rips, punctures, scratches or any other damage caused by foreign objects; Sun/UV, water, sand and wind affected degradation; Damage caused by misuse, hard crashes/impacts on any surface, abuse, neglect or user error; Damage caused by assembly or set up error; Damage caused by improper handling or storage; Damage caused by use in the waves or shore break; Damage caused by jumping; Damage due to excess inflation; Damage caused by any modification, or defacing the serial number; Damage caused by anything other than defects in material or workmanship.

Warranty void if any modification or alteration has been made to the product or the product has been previously repaired or the product was not sent back to us for the inspection if we request it. Customer must send us a proof of sending to us within 8 days after our request.

Proofs must be in high quality pictures.

Customer must work closely and actively with Dr.Tuba, so that the claim is resolved as soon as possible.

Customer must store the claimed goods for 30 days after the closed claim in case new evidences emerge.

Should a product found to be defective by us, in it's sole discretion, we will decide to either repair or replace the defective item. We are not responsible for any other expenses or damages sustained as a direct or indirect consequence.

It is in our best interest of solving delivery claims in buyer interest whenever possible. Before taking any actions we strongly advise you to contact us with your claim first. We will instruct you per e-mail how to proceed within 5 working days.

Should we decide the item is defective we will refund the return shipping charges in form of a store credit.

The warranty for any repaired or replaced equipment is accepted from the date of the original purchase only.

There are no warranties that extend beyond the warranty specified herein.

Dr.Tuba undertakes that he will carry obligations resulting from warranty conditions.

Returns Policy

Customer has the right to cancel the purchase, the return of goods or goods exchange if the product is not custom made. Custom made products are replacement bladders and sewed lines and have special return conditions.

The buyer can cancel the order and ask for a full refund if the order is up to a status of  "In Proccess".

The buyer has the right to return within 14 days of purchased goods undamaged and in original sealed package without any compensation. However, the buyer is obliged to bear the costs incurred in returning the object of purchase.

Return fees:

- for opened but not used item in value of 15€

- 30% for replacement bladders

- 50% for sewed lines ordered in standard metric sizes (and not custom lengths)

We strongly advise you to re-check the measures and loop types as there is no possibility of returning custom length lines!

The intention to return must be informed by the buyer in writing within 8 days of receipt of goods through the contact form below and must be confrmed by Dr.Tuba, otherwise we have no obligation to return the funds or exhange product. 

If the return was not confirmed by Dr.Tuba the customer must pick up the goods and/or cover the shipping costs. 

If the goods are not picked up within 60 days, Dr.Tuba has the right to re-cycle the goods. 

If Dr.Tuba confirms the return, goods has to be returned within further 14 days, otherwise we consider that the customer accepted the goods as is and canceled the return.

If claim accepted then the funds will be returned in 8 days after the goods are received.

How To Proceed?

Please read warranty conditions well and if you still feel that you should get your bladder or unipump valve replaced, please fill in warranty form - you will find link below.

What informations are required mandatory:

You will find invoice behind label pocket when you received package or you can download it in orders section in user dashboard. Invoice must clearly show product name if you bought our product thru our retailer network.

It's found on the affected bladder itself - around the centre on the Leading edge bladder or in the nose of Strut bladder. Applicable if oyu bought replacement bladder.


Well detailed description of the problem you are facing. How it happened, what were you doing, etc.

Well detailed photos of the problem, so that we can see the issue and solve it correctly.

If you are concerned about something and you are still not sure whether this is covered or not covered by the warranty, it is best to submit your claim and we will let you know whether the claimed issue is covered by the warranty or not.

General Terms & Conditions are found here.

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