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UniPUMP Valve Replacement System can replace virtually any one pump valve due to special valve neck which fits trough virtually all standard valve holes on any kite or wing. 

A true universal one pump valve replacement system.


One of the biggest problems in the kite industry is the lack of product standards. Everybody wants to make their own solutions, which can bring to increase of costs and the customer pays it at the end. We are not aiming on ideas or products which stands out of the crowd, but on a simple things, like safety systems or, in our case, valves.

Just few years ago the kites had one 9mm inflate valve, 11mm deflate valve as a non-written standard, but these days new "BIG" / "TURBO" / "put your name here" valves are coming. There's even more diferent solutions of one pump valves on the market. Keeping 10000's in stock is quite a big deal.

The last, but VERY important thing is the quality of the valves. It is a fact that many valves are in very bad quality, that they delaminate, break and leak. 

We have no control on their quality. So, why we would use such valves, as we know that we can provide you much better and long lasting solution?

We had to do something here. 

UNIPUMP Valve System was born.

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UNIPUMP valve on NORTH kites...

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UNIPUMP on CORE Kites...

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UNIPUMP on RRD Kites... and more!


The valve can replace all standard sized I or L typed external valves with inner tube diam. 6-7mm due to special valve inserts. Valve and insert are nicely secured with a click-clips. The system still allow fast airflow for inflation and deflation of the struts. In emergencies you can also seal the one pump connection by simply using a standard 9mm valve plug.


You can easily change a faulty valve as our UNIPUMP valves comes on TearAid adhesive base. Remove old valve, clean the area, stick new one and go back on session! If you have th area around the valve severly damaged then we advise to use the valve on XL valve adhesive base.


Our new valve solution is 100% made in EU, with the usage of the best materials available. Valve base is TPU made and it is UV stable, so it won't turn yellow over the time and it won't degrade or delaminate. Inserts and click-clips are made from tough Polyamide (PA). The product is also enviromentally friendly as it is 100% recyclable.


Join the DIY community and repair like a pro! You will see how easy it is to repair your kite with with our products - also with our valves.

Check our How To section for extensive list of manuals.

10000 +
Lifetime Warranty

After several years of real situation testing and more than 30000 units sold worldwide, we can confirm that our product defeats all nature elements. Temperatures, Wind, Salt, Water, UV degradation can't damage it. 

We have carefully choosen the best EU made materials and pack it in one, long lasting and universal valve solution.

This is why we providing world's leading LIFETIME warranty on UNIPUMP valve material and valve weld.

Movement limiter?

As we want that our products will be as close to originals in terms of fitting we introduced movement limiter ring. The ring prevents excess movement of the valve as some holes thru kites can be oversized. Not all kites needs the movement limiter. General rule is if hole is bigger than 20mm then you should use the limiter.

We prepared a list of brands we support below where we recommend to use the limiter:

Airush 45 degree valve (pre 2015 models)
BEST EZ V1, V2, V3 valves
Crazy Fly (recommended all)
F-One (recommended all)
Gaastra (recommended all)
Liquid Force GEN 1 valves (possible only with a special eva cover circles)
Nobile (all one pump valves except the latest blue one)
Peter Lynn (only some 2016/2017 models with nipple valves)
Ocean Rodeo (recommended all)
Slingshot (recommended all) etc...


Please note that you can switch to UNIPUMP valves on virtually any external one pump system mounted on any brand kites, as long as you stay within our recommendations and specifications.

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