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Repair tapes are cruicial part of your quiver to self repair your favourite gear. We offer vaiety of adhesive, pressure sensitive / stick-on repair tapes - from Ripstop Nylon, Dacron & Sail tapes, to our Clear repair tapes to repair inflatable bladders.

Having our tapes with you on your sessions, you will be able to quickly fix your Kite, Wing, Sail or Tent & many other techincal fabrics and even other products on-site!

Many Colors

To match your favorite gear colors.

Self Repair

Do it yourself on the spot & save your session!

Easy How To's

Lots of how to manuals available to ease the repair.

If there's any glue to add to your quiver, it's only Aquasure +FD glue. It is one of the best PU glues available on the market. It can repair just anything on the kites, wings, sails and many other gear. Repair will be clear and will remain flexible, just how you need it to be.

If you need to quickly fix a crack or dent in your surf or other kinds of hard equipment, then take a look into Epoxy Putty, it's great to repair windsurfing and foil boards very quickly!

Nylon & Dacron Tape Kits

Nylon & Dacron Repair Tape Kits

Our new pressure sensitive self-adhesive nylon ripstop & dacron tapes are great fo repairing tears light sails, tents, paragliders, kite canopies, structural parts and similar nylon/polyester based fabrics.

They are great to aesthetically self-repair your gear. Tapes can be later sewn on to make permanent repair!

They come in multiple colors, packed in kits with multi lingual manual included!

Clear Adhesive Patches

Unique transparent repair patch for repairing tears and holes in practically all materials. Multi purpose pressure sensitive adhesive patch kit.

Fix Inflatable bladders, Tent, Canvas, Nylon, Polyester, Dacron and other fabrics, Neoprene, various plastics, Gore-tex, Fiberglass, Aluminium, Acrylics and more! Does not stick to silicone.

It is extremely strong and elastic. Our Ultra Tape is permanent repair patch which deserves a place in both your outdoor and indoor equipment.

Nylon & Dacron Tape Kits

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