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Kite lines / flying lines are one of the most important part of your kitesurfing gear. You are connected to the kite via kite bar. Your input on the bar determines how the kite will react. The better the line rope the better control and feel of your kite you will have. So, choosing the high quality line is very imortant. After all - it's YOU that will be hanging on the other side of the kite...

We at Dr.Tuba partnered with LIROS ropes in line producing from our early beginnings.

Why LIROS ropes?

"LIROS is recognized as a world leader in the manufacture of Hi-Tec yachting ropes, kitesurf cords, paragliding lines and a wide range of industrial cordage.With the new factory LIROS continue to manufacture in Germany in order that we can control every part of the production from start to finish. All of the LIROS production is carefully monitored by experienced technicians during every stage of manufacture to ensure complete satisfaction in the most demanding applications.

The unique and new process to 'LIROS NCS' (Nano Coating System) has enabled us to improve the performance of the latest materials
(PBO, Vectran® & Dyneema®) by thoroughly protecting them against the worst effects of abrasion as well as UV degradation. We welcome all enquiries for our products as well as any individual requirements for custom projects."

General specifications of LIROS ropes for kite lines:

- 100% Dyneema SK-75 or SK-99 produced in Germany
- extremely low stretch and creep characteristics under load
- advanced PU coating with excelent abrasion resistance

resulting less line wear, much more usage cycles, less tangles and the best performance in all conditions.

Which Lines to Choose?

Depending on which line do you need we use only selected LIROS ropes made especially for kitesurf use:

1. SK-75 Flying lines / extensions

DC300 and DC500 series only. DC300 are great for general usage as front and back flying line or extension, DC500 can handle more load, it stretches even less under load and it's preffered line for freestylers as front flying line or front extension line. DC500 line has the lowest stretch under load in our offer.

DC300: 300 daN breaking strength, 1.8mm diametre
DC500: 500 daN breaking strength, 2.05mm diametre


2. SK-99 Flying lines / extensions

Newest serie of flying lines or extensions. We use DC201, DC 301 and DC401 serie of the ropes. These lines whitsdand the most load with the thinnest possible diametres, making them great for race or lightwind usage. You can easily use them for normal riding or freestyle if you can handle extra costs of this highest performance product.

DC201: 200 daN breaking strength, 1.10mm diametre
DC301: 300 daN breaking strength, 1.30mm diametre
DC401: 400 daN breaking strength, 1.55mm diametre


3. Bridle lines

We use 2mm (300daN breaking load) and 3,3mm (500daN breaking load) LIROS bridle lines. They can be used on any bridled kites, but we are mainly specialised for inflatable kites usage. Some brands use them for pigtails too.


4. Safety, depower and other usage

As safety / pigtail use we stock D-PRO series of lines (3mm, 900 daN), which is also one of the best lines to splice, has heavy load and virtually no stretch. For depower usage we use LIROS Depower ropes in several diametres (4mm 1300daN, 4.4mm 1550daN and 5.6mm 1800daN), which replaces most of depower lines on bars, but adds all the goodies LIROS lines have.

Most of our lines comes in several color options.

Why are Stretch and Load so Important?

Lower lines diameter with higher load capacity and the newest coating technology is extremely important:

- you'll get the best response and feel of the kite

- in high winds higher breaking strenghts makes you sure that your lines won't break when you’re looping the kite or trying to break your Woo records

- in lower winds low lines diameter makes less drag - kite performance is better

- even after many sessions your lines will perform like new and you don’t have to worry about replacing you lines every year

Line Service

LIROS ropes wouldn't become kite lines if there wouldn't be our sewing service. All of our lines are sewn on proffesional JUKI and DURKOP ADLER machines, which guarantees perfect stitching of the lines. We use only 100% German made coated polyester threads to sew the ropes.

We always additionally pre-tension the lines for the second time prior sending them to the client.

Custom Lengths and End Loops

We provide custom line services. We can cut them to specific lengths, we can splice them and make various end loops to deliver you a better copy of your original product. You can now choose custom lenght of the lines and choose to have special loop ends or not in our new shop.

How to use our new line shop?

As already mentioned we now moved our custom line service online. Process of choosing custom line setup is very simple:

S1. Select Line - you can filter the line by lenght, type or specifications or brand

S2. Select Length - depending of the line chosen, you can insert custom line length or choose one of the preset lengths available

S3. Select End loop types - depending of the line chosen, you can select preset loop type for both ends. Click on this link to see which loop end types can be selected. If your kit uses line which is not on the list please contact us as we can add it to selection.

If you are looking for just the rope then you can set up the length only and leave everything else as is.

After selecting all parametres of the line you want the end price will be provided. Click Add To Cart to order it. You need to repeat steps for each line or pairs.

Custom Line Setup

Important Informations

- please note that all measures of the lines are in [cm] only!
- all lines are custom made product, made per order only, so make sure that you did correct measures as returns and refunds are not possible!
- make times per custom lines is from 2-5 working days. You can speed up our production by taking priority upon order checkout.
- make sure to check that our lines are compatible with your bar system
- we do not make single line only (except depower line), it's not safe to use different lines, we recommend full set as only then you'll receive best performance of new set
- we do our sewed lines per order only and fell under custom products by our Standard Terms & Conditions (special conditions applies for such products)

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