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  • NORTH Cleat Kit
  • NORTH Cleat Kit

NORTH Cleat Kit

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North cleat kit.

Important! All lines measures are in centimetres.


Tension the lines when you measure them. Always take lines at least in pairs, recommended in full set. If you'll change only one line then the kite can fly to one side, because of different stretch characteristics of the lines. We do not take any responsibility for that and deserve a right not to sell only one flying orextension line.

Sewing service is available. You can now make your own line loop ends setup or take only lines by linear centimetres.

We additionally pre-stretch lines for 2nd time before finalizing to ensure as equal lengths as possible of the lines and by that the best response from the kite!

Please re-check line hub part min. hole diametre to ensure that safety mechanism will work correctly with chosen line.

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