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"Whether you are taking your first steps onto a kiteboard, or setting up for the final maneuver to clinch a world title, we have designed and engineered our kiteboarding equipment to deliver the best performance for the way that you ride. From butter smooth flat water to 10-foot surf, you will find the perfect setup to suit your riding style.”

The Airush Kiteboarding Collection fuses our passion for innovation with the demands of the most discerning riders. As always, our focus remains on creating the perfect kiteboarding experience through testing and innovative technical design, while always maintaining our demand for the highest level of craftsmanship.

Dr.Tuba Replacement Kite Bladders

Everybody knows or at least heard about our top quality replacement bladders. Bladders are made by official blueprints and they will fit perfectly into your kite*.

Please follow the link below to choose yours!

The latest blueprints that came in are for selected kites:











Why our bladders?

Our bladders offers unmatched performanced against other kite bladders. They are built from high quality EU made 90 micron TPU, made exclusevly for us. Great elongation ensures them harder to pop and may survive massive blow-outs! They are non yellowing and will not degrade over time.

Our replacement kite badders come with pre-welded valves, with original brand's valves. They are fully assembled, ready to install, ike the bladders installed in your kite.

All of our bladders are always QC tested overnight!

All replacement kite bladders are custom made with pre-welded valves alreeady on them, all you need to do is to insert them into the kite.

* Some measurement derivations are possible as kite manufacture factories make their own versions of blueprints. We may alter blueprints to suit our making proccess and we ensure 100% performance of our bladders.

** When original valves are not available anymore, original valves are in bad quality, or we can not find exact valves, we have the right to use our own replacement valves, without prior notice. We guarantee proper functionality of the bladders where we had to replace original valves with our own or replacement ones.

Brand logos, pictures and any other related material is property of their respectful owners and may be only of symbolic nature.

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