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  • RRD Obsession MK10 15m Strut S1 - Right. Picture is symbolic.
  • RRD Obsession MK10 15m Strut S1 - Right. Picture is symbolic.

Obsession MK10 15m Strut S1 - Right

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Product includes:

TPU Bladder material
TPU Bladder material
93 sqdm
RRD One Pump V2, naked
RRD One Pump V2, naked
1 pc

Brand: RRD

Model: Obsession

In / Out valves: Original

One pump system: Yes, original or 100% the same as original.

Additional Informations


All replacement bladders comes with valves pre-installed. All bladders are Quality Control (QC) tested prior shipping. Please check out how to videos and tips of how to re-install bladders correctly.


Industry leading warranty conditions


- 5 year limited warranty on replacement bladders.

- LIFETIME warranty on our universal UNIPUMP one pump valves.


Click here to read full warranty conditions - there is no small print!


Tips & Tricks


Bladder set includes ALL kite's/wing's bladders (leading edge plus all struts); Struts set includes ALL struts. All sets comes for a discounted price - it's a best buy! You can buy each inflatable bladder separately too.

Our bladders comes with manual included.


A must check links:

Manuals on our website

Tips & Tricks on installing bladders


How to select correct bladder?


Please lay down your kite flat on the ground, as you would pump it, to choose the correct bladder. Selected bladders are marked in red on the product picture. Note - pictures of the bladders are only of symbolic nature, meant to help you choose the correct ones and does not represent actual bladder setup eg. valves positions etc... bladders will come with correct valve setup!




When original valves are not available anymore, original valves are in bad quality, or we can not find exact valves, we have the right to use our own replacement valves, without prior notice. We guarantee proper functionality of the bladders where we had to replace original valves with our own or replacement ones. Click here to read why.

We custom make all replacement bladders under official blueprints, authorized from brands, on per-order basis only. A 30% return fee applies on all our custom bladders in case you've ordered wrong ones. We advise you to contact us prior buy in case you are not sure which one to buy.

Brand logos, pictures and any other related material is property of their respectful owners and may be only of symbolic nature.

One pump hoses are sold separately.


Please read our Standard Terms & Conditions and Warranty conditions for bladders and valves for more infos.

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