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How to video of CORE Speed Valve 2 replacement. Video shows how easy is to replace their IN/OUT kite valve.


PART 1. Unmounting old one

S1. Unmount one pump valve
S2. Unmount in/out valve
S3. Pull bladder out of kite
S4. Remove broken parts (if any)


PART 2. Mounting new valve

S1. Mark orientation of the valve
S2. Cut out the old valve
S3. Pre-sand the valve area
S4. Clean dry with alco pad
S5. Put duct tape tube beneath the bladder
S6. Peel & stick new valve
S7. Apply pressure on valve base
S8. Work out air bubbles
S9. Optionally glue the valve base edge



Work only on clean and dry area. If you can't cut out the old valve near the weld, then make sure that you cover the exposed bladder area so that the valve won't stick to the other side of the bladder. Lay bladder flat, but do not tension the it upon new valve installation. Be careful on the new valve orientation. Use glue only if you can't remove air bubbles or you have wrinkles under the adhesive valve base. Optionally you can heat the repair with hair dryer. Using hair drier on too big temperature, too close or too long may damage your kite's bladder!

Get help when changing inflatable bladders. Check the bladder orientation prior usage. Twisted or improperly inserted bladder can cause decreased performance or damage to the kite!

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