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Repair Tapes & Glues

We offer a variety of adhesive tapes - to self repair kite's canopy, structure and bladders. They have strong adhesive and are available in many colors.

We recommend additional stitchin if the tear is big, on heavy load area or you feel that tape alone just won't be enough.

Our Aquasure glue is one of the best PU glues available on the market. It can repair just anything on the kite and many other things. If you need epoxy type of glue to repair boards and othr hard stuff very quilck you should take a look on out 5min Epoxy.

Many Colors

To match your kite's colors.

Self Repair

Do it yourself on the spot & save your session!

Easy How To's

Lots of how to manuals available to ease the repair.

Dacron Adhesive Tape

8,90 € (7,30 € excl VAT)
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Nylon Ripstop Adhesive Tape

6,50 € (5,33 € excl VAT)
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FiberFIX (45mm)

7,90 € (6,47 € excl VAT)
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Ultra Repair Tape
15cm - per metre

32,00 € (26,23 € excl VAT) PC for min.3
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Kite Repair Dots

5,00 € (4,10 € excl VAT) 29 items in stock
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TPU Film & Film Patch

4,90 € (4,02 € excl VAT)
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Sail Adhesive Repair Tape

13,90 € (11,39 € excl VAT)
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Hot-Melt Repair Tape

19,90 € (16,31 € excl VAT) No stock

Neoprene Repair Patch Kit

10,90 € (8,93 € excl VAT)
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PU Glue 28g

9,90 € (8,11 € excl VAT)
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Glass Fabrics Tape

5,90 € (4,84 € excl VAT)
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Epoxy Glue (5min)

19,90 € (16,31 € excl VAT)
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XL Valve Pad
(15cm x 15cm)

12,00 € (9,84 € excl VAT)
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Clear Repair Dots

6,00 € (4,92 € excl VAT)
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